Six Delicious All Natural Flavors

If your dog is hungering for meaty flavor have him try our Yellow Snow, Alley Cat Ale or Liquid Kitty flavors.

  • 🥓 Yellow Snow:  Our fan favorite!  Every dog loves bacon and your dog will love the taste of it in this Yellow Snow advanced hydration drink!  

  • 🥩 Alley Cat Ale: Packs a beefy taste so if your dog loves burgers he'll be sure to love our Alley Cat Ale advanced hydration drink.  

  • 🍗 Liquid Kitty:  Chicken flavored and if your dog comes begging for drumsticks then you know he'll be begging for our Liquid Kitty advanced hydration formula.

Barkerstown Brew Yellow Snow Alley Cat Ale Liquid Kitty Flavors


If your best friend loves to snuggle with you and watch movies then he might like our Cool Drool, Cheese Poodle Punch or Mailman Chaser flavors!  

  • Mailman Chaser:  Pomegranate flavored for dogs that love eating fruits and making sweet choices.
  • 🧀  Cheese Poodle Punch:  If your dog loves cheddar cheese then he'll go crazy over this naturally cheese flavored hydration drink!

  • Cool Drool:  All natural, butter flavored so if your dog loves chowing on buttered popcorn he will love gulping down our Cool Drool hydration drink!