The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Q. What is Barkerstown Brew and what is it's purpose?

A.  Barkerstown Brew is a formulated drink specifically made for dogs.  Its purpose is to aid your dog in hydration through a combination of vitamins and electrolytes.  The drink was developed with active dogs in mind.

Q. What is in Barkerstown Brew?

A.  Barkerstown Brew contains all natural flavors, Vitamin C, and electrolytes.  There are absolutely no sugars.  The full list of ingredients are listed within each product page's description.

Q.  How much Barkerstown Brew should I give my dog?

A.  We suggest owners follow the normal water requirements for their dog.  A general one to one rule, where for each pound your dog weighs, give them .5 to 1 ounce of water.  This goes for Barkerstown Brew as well, as the ingredients in the drink show no ill-effects to dogs when drank per the above guidance.

Q.  Is Barkerstown Brew ok to give to any breed or size?

A.  Barkerstown Brew is great to give to any breed or size.  There is no breed or size that has shown any negative effect.  We just suggest to give only what's appropriate to your dog's specific size (see FAQ above).

Q.  What are the colors in Barkerstown Brew?

A.  Barkerstown Brew contains a very small amount of food dye coloring (less than one drop per bottle) to assist people in identifying the various flavors available.

Q.  When did Barkerstown Brew launch?

A.  After 4 years of development, initial production of Barkerstown Brew completed late in 2017.  The website officially launched in early 2018, making the drink for sale to the general public.  

Q.  Where is Barkerstown Brew Made?

A.  We are proud to claim Barkerstown Brew is Made in the USA. All ingredients are sourced in the United States and bottling is located in New Jersey.

Q. In General, how much water should my dog drink?

A.  Normal Water Requirements

As a general rule, dogs require 0.5 – 1 ounce of water per lb of body weight, per day. For example, if a dog weighs 30 lbs, he or she should consume 15 – 30 ounces of water in a 24 hour period.  

Each dog, however, will have individual needs. For instance, on warm days or when your dog has exercised excessively, more water will be required. Senior dogs generally require more water as their kidney function decreases. A good way to determine if your dog is dehydrated is to lift the skin at the nape of a dog’s neck. The skin should return to normal instantly. If not, your dog is dehydrated.

An alternative method to check your dog’s hydration levels is to examine your dog’s gums. If the gums are pink and slick, hydration levels are ideal. However, if your dog’s gums are dry and sticky, your pet is dehydrated.  

Drinking Regimen for Puppies

Due to their rapidly growing bodies, puppies have different hydration needs than adult dogs. Recently weaned young puppies should be encouraged to drink ½ cup of water every 2 hours. Once your puppy is old enough to be successfully potty trained, the amount of water that he or she consumes should be the same as that of an adult dog.  

Excessive Thirst and Abnormalities

Excessive thirst in dogs is commonly an indication of disease, specifically diabetes, kidney and / or liver disease, bladder infection, or Cushing’s Disease, among others.  If your dog is suddenly exceeding 1 ounce of water per lb of body weight, you should schedule an appointment with your veterinarian to rule out underlying illness.