The Barkerstown Brew Story

Cousins and best friends, Joey Bee and Richard Rutnik are at a hockey game.  Richard says to Joey “I have this idea about a hydration drink for dogs”. Joey instantly says, “I can run with that”.  Richard was ‘barking up the right tree’ when he told Joey.

You see, Joey is an Environmental Scientist who has researched wolves in the wild.  He has also taught Chemistry and Nutrition courses. This formulation was right up his alley. Joey began working on the formula, taking four years to perfect. 

This unique hydration drink would include electrolytes, Vitamin C as a pet antioxidant, and all natural flavors.  Each of the six flavors are dog favorites: beef, pomegranate, cheddar cheese, bacon, butter, and chicken.  Joey and Richard both insisted it be 100% made in the USA.

Richard is the creative mind (or "idea guy") who developed many of the names for Barkerstown Brew such as: Cool Drool, Mailman Chaser, and Liquid Kitty. The staff, known as the ‘Barkerstown Brew Crew’ always says that Richard’s wit and humor keeps us thinking and smiling.

Today, the two best friends are proud to bring you Barkerstown Brew!

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